Chris Koch

A great food stylist is hard to find.  One that understands all the needs of the client, agency and production team.Helping to make your vision a reality is what I can do for you.

All your food styling needs from conception to “in the can”.  20 years’ experience in TV shows, commercials, websites, print, POS, food trade shows and editorial
Food Stylist
  1. Title 1
  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
Food Stylist - Chris Koch
Making your vision come true!  20+ years experience in all media - print, web, broadcast, trade shows
  1. Stills and Videos for all media
    Stills and Videos for all media
    Looks so good you'll want to lick the page or the screen
  2. Cooking Demos
    Cooking Demos
    Getting people excited and wanting more
  3. Worldwide Availablity
    Worldwide Availablity
    Around the corner, or Around the world. Experienced work in China, Italy, France, Mexico and of course the US of A
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